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Appeals and Emergency Submissions

Appeals and Administrative Reviews

Your visa applications may not always go as smoothly as you would expect. If you have had a UK visa application refused (in the UK or abroad), then depending on the grounds of refusals, you may have been granted or are entitled to a Right of Appeal.

The Appeal process can be longwinded and complexed. The timescale can vary depending on the type of application that was made.

Our experts are qualified to guide you along this terrifying process from lodging your appeal to presenting your case in court when (appropriate).

Nevertheless, a Right of Appeal is not available in all circumstances and an administrative review or judicial review might be the best way to challenge the decision.

Visa Legal do not provide legal representation for judicial reviews.

Our experts will always assess the best and most efficient option to your matter/needs.

A copy of the refusal letter is needed to assess your best options. To ensure the best advice possible and discuss further with our specialist lawyers contact our Personal Immigration team on +44 8453 190 951 or     +44 20 7732 5457 or complete our enquiry form.

Emergency Submissions

Visa Legal can assist you with other “around the clock” emergency submission such as immigration bail applications. Our experts understand that time can be of the essence and would always assess the best and most efficient option to your unique situation.